Tuesday, May 15, 2012


A new chapter, a new blog, same old alphabet. I'm back in Boston and seem to have taken Newport's rain with me. Now that I've finished the stone I'm confronted with the nice problem of figuring out what to do with it. For now it will lean against the wall in my apartment, at least until I can find the time to install a hanger in the back. Some closeups.

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  1. Jesse I found your blog about the John Stevens shop and well it has been a dream of mine to do just what you did with Nick & John who i met some years ago Nick gave me a speed tour of the shop a list of books to get and I was off!!!the sanding stones you used to polish/hone the slate with where can I procure them??? what grits did you use?, I have been using wetsand paper based off of the Kindersley&Lopes in england.I would really like if you have the time email me with your responses, I wish I had the freedom to do a six week apprenticeship but with a family & a daughter in college it just isn't in the cards at the moment. If it was do you mind me asking how you went about approaching Nick & John?? The journey was amazing and I want to thank you for detailing it in your blog, I look forward to your future endeavors....here is my email swiftfox1@yahoo.com
    Be well
    James Taylor